JULY 17, 2024

an out of focus picture of a poster of a woman sitting out on the curb by the trash

it seems they're trying
to out-asshole each other
in america

go with god among them
oh, that god of many genders

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JULY 13, 2024

a chess board seen from behind the white king

their violence
doesn't count

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JULY 11, 2024

a screenshot of the main character walking in 'the man who stole the sun' (1979)

what can i say
about this picture,
about this man,
walking the tokyo streets
with an atom bomb
in a handbag?

when i was young i felt a power,
concealed, carried,
walked among people
no one the wiser
no one knowing what i'd become

but that weapon has a shelf life
and soon you crack it open
to find your plutonium turned to plums

i've become aware
of another device
armed inside me,
more modest this time,
i myself do not know its force

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JULY 5, 2024

cat leonel looking up in shock

cat leonel with white string on tile floor

every day
he brings us this string

and we try to act appreciative
but we don't understand

it makes us unsure
what else is lost between us

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JULY 4, 2024

a screenshot from the film 'westworld' (1973) showing a gay cowboy robot leaning up against a column on a porch

a screenshot from the film 'westworld' (1973) showing a gay cowboy robot looking down a bar at a character outside of the frame

i love this gay cowboy robot
please do not
shoot him
burn his face with acid
set him on fire

he came to life
at an awkward time
between two violences:
the one that birthed him
and the one he himself must carry out

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