FEBRUARY 27, 2024

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FEBRUARY 25, 2024

madi at humedal santa maria del lago

mi madre

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FEBRUARY 24, 2024

very excited to finally finish editing "lamprel song." it's up as a pdf on my translations page. we watched drowning by numbers tonight, which i loved mainly for the character called "smut."
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FEBRUARY 23, 2024

an old picture i found on my phone

last night was spent reading and thinking about monastic life, smelling hinoki oil, and watching the marx brothers. tonight, we went grocery shopping.
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FEBRUARY 21, 2024

yesterday we journeyed across town to another notary in the hopes of someday being married in the new country as well as the old; then to a nearby wetlands park with tingua birds and mano de oso trees. we watched la niña santa and confirmed that lucrecia martel is, indeed, a genius. today i finished typing up a draft translation of luis carlos barragán's short story, "cefalomorfos." i want to make a couple of my sci-fi translations into zines to upload here.
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FEBRUARY 19, 2024

recent events: we went to an amateur flute concert where a family friend accompanied on guitar and bass; last night, we rewatched The Hole 洞 (1998), which is one of my favorite tsai ming-liang movies thanks to its musical scenes set to grace chang songs; and i am absolutely loving all the stories by josé ardila in his book "libro del tedio" and the story i started reading by andrea chapela in "ansibles, perfiladores y otras máquinas de ingenio"
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FEBRUARY 11, 2024

FEBRUARY 8, 2024

a list of of some instrumental albums i listen to while working on stuff:

MIZU - Distant Intervals

i've listened to this more than anything else in the past couple months. i listen to it while working, while napping, while on a plane. lovely. a hundred stars.

Julian Moreno Motta y Antonio Correa - Iluminaciones

a new favorite, and from bogotá! ffo philip glass, max richter, etc.

Kilometre Club - Uoiea

a bass guitar turned into a kind and gentle drone.

Kali Malone - Living Torch

yes! those sweet, sweet tones.

FEBRUARY 6, 2024

la sala

madi cocinando


first thing's first -- movies: poor things was a bust. monster (kaibutsu, 怪物) was fucking wonderful and sad. all of us strangers had those intimate confessional scenes that the director does so well. the boy and the heron was lovely, but movie theaters have gotten deafeningly loud, and i'd much rather stay in my apartment.
the rains finally came back to bogotá these last few days, and that makes us very happy. anabel has taken to sleeping all day in my hammock, burying herself under an orange blanket.

WORD OF THE DAY: (m.) pedo de lobo: common puffball (mushroom)

FEBRUARY 2, 2024




a scan of my hand with 'misc.' written on it